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"I'm a genie in a bottle baby"... Rub, rub, rub and maybe something will go out... Jack Daniel's Old n°7 is maybe one of the most famous whiskey in the world. In any case it's THE most sold whiskey ! It's a Tennessee Whiskey and we can find it, thanks or because of its cheap price, in nightclubs or in bars. But what is this whiskey ? Where does it come from ? And is it a real unbelievable whiskey or a made in marketing juice of barrels ? 



"It's not Scotch. It's not Bourbon. It's Jack"




Jasper Newton Jack Daniel was born in 1850 (his birthdate is not really sure). He was an incredible business man who bought his boss Dan Call's distillery at the age of 13 in Lynchburg in the countryside Tennessee. Legend or true story ? The mystery is entire. He registered his firm in 1866 : it's the oldest whiskey distillery registered in the US. Jack bought also in the 1860, Cave Spring, a spring next to his distillery : fresh and without iron, this water is a perfect element of his whiskey production.

Very early, Jack also understood the importance of a brand : it's why Jack Daniel's n°7 is so famous today. He changed the bottle shape : he went through a round container to a square container. But another mystery is complete : why n°7 ? Different myths exist : Jack, a perfectionnist, choose le seventh recipe for his whiskey ; or Jack was written J like a 7 ; or to wish luck to his firm, Jack choosed the number 7, the luck's number.... I will let you choose the one who pleased you ! 

Destiny wanted that in 1911, Jack died and his nephew, Lem Motlow, succeeded to him. During the dark time of prohibition, in the 20', Lem ran away to Missouri and built another distillery there. He will go back to Lynchburg in 1938 : three years later, the appellation Tennessee Whiskey is officialy recognized. But what is a Tennessee Whiskey ? It's a whiskey (and not a whisky) which is using the "Lincoln County Process". This process is a filtration with mapple wood coal. Jack Daniel's is producing its own coal in its rickyard with woods from Tennessee. The barrels used are made with white oak and are also produced by the distillery. Jack Daniel's n°7  is made from 80% of corn and knows an aging in these white oak barrels.

For sure, it exists another type of whiskeys from the distillery like the well-known Gentleman Jack or Jack Daniel's Single Barrel. Today, you can visit the distillery but you have to know it, the Lynchburg county is a 'dry county'... Which means that it's forbidden to sell alcohol. The only bottles you can buy are in the distillery shop and they are commemorative bottles. The county considers that you buy the container and that the distillery offers the alcohol inside... 




Jack Daniel's, Old N°7 Brand, Sour Mash Tennessee Whiskey.

The color is caramel with orange reflects. The legs of N°7 are numerous and seem to draw the filaments of a jellyfish (jellyishes are very nice, so it's a compliment !!). The first tongue feel is powerfull with an interesting woody flavor and soft spicies like cinnamon and vanilla notes. The nose is strong with alcohol ! But when you abstract the alcohol tendency, the nose is nice, a little bit floury with cooked apple touches. With the add of the water drop, the second tongue feel has got light cocoa notes and still cooked apple touches. A little bit of coat seems to be present in the mouth, which is fresh and direct. The second nose is brioche-like with bittery cereals flavors. The finish is long but not amazing. Sideline to the Whiskys I've tasted before, this whiskey is not really complex, strong with a present alcohol and a raw finish on cocoa, cereal and bitterness. 

You have to count 27 euros (average) the bottle. 


This tasting is interesting. It's a very easy drinkable whiskey, simple and perfect to mix with ice or coke. But this whiskey has also a true history, a passionnated creator and a unique manufacturing method. So you can blame this whiskey to be a monster of supermarkets, 1,6 millions of barrels in 74 cellars, that's a lot of people. But this product is made in Tennessee. 





Jack Daniel's Distillery

182, Lynchburg Highway

Lynchburg, Tennesse 37352

Tél : 931 759 6357 (site américain)

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